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UDAN (which stands for ‘Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik’) is a Regional Connectivity Scheme launched by the government that aims to make unserved/underserved airports in small cities operational with regular flights, and offer subsidized airfares to encourage more people to fly. Under this scheme:


1) Over 45 unserved and under-served airports would be connected to make air travel more affordable

2) 50 percent of the seats under UDAN scheme would be capped at Rs 2,500.

3) 70 routes are proposed to be connected in this year

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Flights routes Under UDAN scheme

Mumbai - Kandla Flights, Mumbai - Porbandar Flights, Porbandar - Mumbai Flights, Jaipur - Jaisalmer Flights

Delhi - Adampur Flights, Hyderabad - Pondicherry Flights, Pondicherry - Hyderabad Flights, Chennai - Hubli Flights

Hubli - Chennai Flights, Hyderabad - Hubli Flights, Hubli - Hyderabad Flights, Bikaner - Jaipur Flights

Jaipur - Bikaner Flights, Bhatinda - Jammu Flights, Jammu - Bhatinda Flights, Lucknow - Raipur Flights

Raipur - Lucknow Flights, Hubli - Ahmedabad Flights, Ahmedabad - Hubli Flights, Kochi - Hubli Flights

Hubli - Kochi Flights, Lucknow - Allahabad Flights, Allahabad - Patna Flights, Patna - Allahabad Flights

Allahabad - Lucknow Flights, Delhi - Nasik Flights, Nasik - Delhi Flights, Nagpur - Allahabad Flights

Allahabad - Indore Flights, Indore - Allahabad Flights, Allahabad - Nagpur Flights, Delhi - Bikaner Flights

Delhi - Bhatinda Flights, Delhi - Pathankot Flights, Indore - Gwalior Flights, Delhi - Gwalior Flights

Delhi - Ludhiana Flights, Delhi - Shimla Flights, Delhi - Kanpur Flights, Bhatinda - Delhi Flights, Shimla - Delhi Flights

Bikaner - Delhi Flights, Gwalior - Delhi Flights, Gwalior - Indore Flights, Cuddapah - Hyderabad Flights

Cuddapah - Chennai Flights, Cuddapah - Vijayawada Flights, Ludhiana - Delhi Flights, Nanded - Mumbai Flights

Nanded - Hyderabad Flights, Pathankot - Delhi Flights, Vidyanagar - Hyderabad Flights, Vidyanagar - Bengaluru Flights

Adampur - Delhi Flights, Kandla - Mumbai Flights, Kullu - Delhi Flights, Pantnagar - Delhi Flights, Jaisalmer - Jaipur Flights

Mysore - Chennai Flights